Setia Eco Park

Built across more than 790 acres of prime land is Setia Eco Park, a residential development pioneered by SP Setia located in Shah Alam. This gated community is set to in an enclave close to nature, adding more to the exclusivity and serenity of this beautiful community.

Scenic landscapes, waterways, creeks, landscaped gardens, and lush greenery—all these will serve as a tranquil backdrop of the Setia Eco Park. Sticking close to its theme, SP Setia has dedicated allotting 25% of its freehold land to built theme parks, forest parks, and grand walkways.

Built-up Areas and Layouts

The Setia Eco Park is composed of mostly bungalows and semi-detached homes. These houses are divided into several phases and areas, with each phase comprising of houses with different styles and built-up areas.

Phase two is made up of two-storey bungalows, with built-up areas starting from 3,962 square feet to 6,130 square feet. Its land areas are particularly massive, spreading from 4,478 square feet to 10,786 square feet.

Bungalows and semi-detached homes make up phase three. In total, there are 49 units that comprise of two-storey bungalows that have built-up areas of 4,117 square feet to 5,960 square feet. Phase 3A also houses 59 units with the addition of 140 semi-detached houses.

Three types of lots are being offered at the Grandeur, Setia Eco Park’s phase four. Residents may choose from a raised plateau lot, a forest ridge lot, and a pavilion lot depending on your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Residents who prefer smaller lots and units may look into phase five. It is composed of bungalows moderately sized at 3,318 square feet to 4,582 square feet.

Phase six is divided into two sections. The first section is made up of 19 bungalows that start from 4,176 square feet. Its second section consists of 17 bungalows with almost the same built-up areas, but only less expensive.

Phase seven has four sections, mostly made up of 1.5 to two-storey semi detached houses. These semi-detached homes have smaller built-up areas, measuring at 2,276 to 3,335 square feet. Another section would have semi-detached houses, 55 in total, having built-up areas that start at 3,123 square feet to 3,535 square feet. The third section would have two-storey bungalows that measure at 3,072 square feet to 4,590 square feet. Finally, the last section of phase seven will feature 2.5 semi-detached houses that are sized between 4,909 square feet to 4,974 square feet.

Phase eight, nine, ten, and eleven are all slated to feature semi-detached houses and bungalows.

Close to Nature: Facilities and Amenities

Topnotch facilities and amenities await Setia Eco Park’s residents. They include the following:

  • Family karaoke
  • Library and a reading room
  • Olympic-sized pool
  • Dance studio
  • Tennis court
  • Squash court
  • Sauna
  • Children’s pool
  • Business centre
  • Nursery
  • Private function areas

In addition, the gated community provides 24-hour security services to its residents. This includes a CCTV camera surveillance, fiber-optic protection system, perimeter monitoring, and motion detectors.

The Community: What to Do Around Setia Eco Park

Setia Eco Park is where functionality meets the subtle beauty of nature. The developers have built a centralised shopping mall for its residents, so buying basic needs will never be a problem, as everything will be within walking distance.

The clubhouse is also located near the shopping mall, as well as cafes, restaurants, and other dining areas. An international school is also located within Setia Eco Park’s lush walls, as well as a badminton school, and a business centre. All these establishments are surrounded by landscaped gardens and lush parks. There is even a butterfly sanctuary and several parks allocated within the area. Walking or running would love its jogging paths and walkways.

Pricing Information

Pricing information per phase is as follows:

  • Phase two’s bungalows are estimated to have selling prices of about RM860,000 to RM1.7 mil.
  • Phase three bungalows have selling prices that range from RM990,000 to about RM1.6 mil.
  • For semi-detached houses situated at phase three, prices go for about RM662,000 to RM862,000.
  • Bungalows located at phase five have average selling prices that range from about RM1.3 mil to RM2.6 mil.
  • Phase six’s bungalows are priced between an estimated RM1.5 mil to around RM3.4 mil.
  • Prices for phase seven’s semi-detached houses start at an estimated RM900,000 to RM1.3 mil. For bungalows, selling prices were estimated to be between RM1.5 mil to around RM2 mil.’s Take on the Setia Eco Park

Setia Eco Park is a growing community, and residents may expect more commercial spaces to be built within the area, set within SP Setia’s standards for a “close-to-nature” concept. Over time, we expect Setia Eco Park to be more and more “self contained”.

Perhaps one obstacle residents may need to tackle is Shah Alam’s proximity to the Kuala Lumpur City Centre. This may be resolved by residents utilising the highways near to Setia Eco Park. But why would one seek the traffic-congested streets of KLCC after having spent time at the Setia Eco Park? We think it’s a bit difficult to “return” to the fast-paced city life after spending time at the Setia Eco Park—this residential property is definitely a great location to escape to and just be one and live with nature.

With its beautiful take on nature, as well as hefty options for its semi-detached houses and bungalows to fit every lifestyle, Setia Eco Park is a good place to call home. A home for the affluent and wealthy, if we may add—but if you have enough money to spare it’s definitely a good catch and is capable of providing the best living conditions for any young professional or modern growing families.

Finally, the asking prices for Setia Eco Park is hardly “cheap” especially when given its location (current sub sale listings often reach as high as RM650 PSF; comparatively Shah Alam properties are at around RM350 to RM400 PSF), but this development heavily relies on its developer reputation as well as a unique concept to drive the sub sale market. Is this price fair? For further analysis, download our “How To Value A Property” guide for free by filling up this short form below –


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